White Fillings

Do you need a filling but want a solution that looks discreet and attractive, especially when you give a lovely, open-mouthed belly laugh? White fillings are the better looking alternative to traditional metal amalgam fillings. Made from a special composite material, today’s white fillings are surprisingly tough and can be perfectly colour-matched to blend in with your teeth, so that no-one can see you’ve had a filling.

As well as the benefits of having a tooth-coloured filling, we can also take a more conservative approach when preparing your teeth for white fillings. Composite fillings bond directly to the tooth, making it stronger than it would be with an amalgam filling. Because the white fillings bond to the tooth, it also requires less drilling, which means we can save more of your natural tooth, which is always a best case scenario for you and us.


These days, white fillings are stronger than ever before and have excellent success rates. It is important to realise that the lifespan of a white filling can depend on where the filling is in your mouth and how heavily your teeth come together when you bite, but we will be able to give you a good idea of how long your filling should last.

White fillings are popular because they create a much better final look than metal amalgam fillings. Also, you will find that white fillings are less likely to conduct heat and cold from your food and drink, so usually cause less sensitivity than amalgam fillings.

We may recommend a dental crown if you have a broken tooth caused by trauma, decay or a large filling, or if you need a bridge. In this latter case, we would place a dental crown on the tooth on either side of the bridge to hold it in place.

You can read about our safe amalgam removal here. We usually recommend that you wait until an old filling needs to be replaced before you have it removed. However, if you do feel self-conscious about your current amalgam fillings or you’re worried about the mercury content, we can take them out and replace them with colour-matched white fillings.

White fillings can be made from various materials. We tend to use a composite of glass particles, synthetic resin and a setting ingredient.

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