Partial Dentures

If you’ve lost several teeth in your upper and/or lower jaw, a partial denture is an effective way to replace them and get back your smile. A partial denture can help to stop your remaining natural teeth from drifting and rotating into the wrong position. In turn, this helps your teeth to function and bite properly, protecting you from various aches and pains. Partial dentures are also great for boosting the confidence you may have lost at the same time as your missing teeth.

We have a dedicated denture studio where our skilled laboratory assistants will make you a custom partial denture to fit your mouth like a glove. The materials we use provide a fantastic level of comfort and all of our dentures are made to the highest standards. Your partial dentures will look completely natural and will be designed to fit perfectly and blend in with any remaining teeth.


Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. A partial denture includes any missing teeth you have in either your upper or lower jaw. The replacement teeth on a partial denture are attached to a gum-coloured plastic base, which may have a metal framework to help hold it in place.

Precision partial dentures have internal attachments to attach them to adjacent crowns for a more secure and natural fit.

Full dentures are also available if you have lost all of your natural teeth.

Because of the attention we pay to getting the fit of partial dentures right, most patients tell us that they’re surprisingly comfortable. Realistically, they may take a while to get used to. If you’ve had teeth extracted before being fitted for partial dentures, be aware that changes to the bone during the healing process can continue for up to six months, so you may need some slight adjustments or just to persevere with wearing your partial dentures if they feel weird at first.

You may notice that your speech sounds slightly different when you first start wearing dentures of any kind, whether full or partial. Most people find that, as their muscles adapt, their speech returns to normal. A good exercise is to read out loud for a few minutes every day to help train your speech muscles to work with the dentures.

There are various ways that we can use dental implants to give you a complete new smile as an alternative to partial dentures. You might want to consider implant dentures to give your teeth greater stability, help minimise bone loss, and broaden your diet.

We would always recommend that you come in for a no-obligation consultation, so you can find out about your options and what we think would give you the best outcomes for your needs and budget.

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